Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Princess and The White Bear King

The Princess and White Bear King

Ride along with the beautiful princess and the majestic white bear on a voyage in the snowy north. When the young princess inadvertently betrays the mysterious white bear, she must prove her loyalty and strength through a series of trying tasks, in order to regain her lost chance at happiness. Book with CD editions include story read by actress Miranda Richardson. Barefoot Books

Ages 5 to 11 years
Retold By: Tanya Robyn Batt
Illustrated By: Nicoletta Ceccoli
Narrated By: Miranda Richardson
Book Review:

This enchanting, whimsical story will not disappoint. This book captures a fresh take on the classic Princess falls for the charming Prince. The young Princess' loyalty and dedication takes her on a fantastic journey and leads her to a brilliant castle atop a mountain of glass with magic and obstacles at every turn. 

This is a wonderful book to curl up with on a cold, blustery night with a hot mug of cocoa in hand and your little one tucked in beside you. The illustrations are absolutely stunning and add even more wonder to this magical love story.


-Kids Book Junky


  1. The cover art is impressive. And I love twists on typical princess and prince stories (my favourite being 'The Paperbag Princess' and more recently, 'An Undone Fairy Tale.'

    Go, girl!

  2. Thanks Jean! I'll have to check out those two books too. What's also great about this book is that it comes with a Storybook Cd...lots of mornings I'll put it on for my daughter while I'm getting breakfast ready. The reader has a fantastic, british accent and really brings the book to life in a delightful way. I couldn't muster up an accent to save my life but I love to torture my family by trying sometimes. :D

  3. Isn't it amazing what an accent can do? I never really realized how husky and lovely Liam Neeson's voice was until I heard him read 'The Polar Express.' It's so deep and rich...

  4. Jean-

    Oh I love Liam Neeson and yes his voice is lovely. Now I have to go get 'The Polar Express.' so I can hear him in all of his loveliness. I assumed it was narrated by Tom Hanks. ;D