Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Thanks to Cat Woods

My humble thanks to Cat Woods for having the wisdom and funny bone to choose me as one of the winners of her Word War Contest.

Cat's blog is always informative, delightful and funny.  She does a fantastic job of taking bits of humor from her everyday life and mixing in everything from tips for writer's to what's hot in publishing.

Her blog Words from the Woods is most definitely worthy of an email subscription! 


  1. Congrats to you! Those were some great definitions! You are always so creative!!!

  2. Congratulations! Yes, they were very creative. :)

  3. I am humbled to be the subject of a post. However, it was your awesome imagination that garnered you the votes. Thanks for being you!

    I just commented on Jemi's blog and got the word verification word: squeg. That would have been a perfect addition to our cyber dictionary!

    Any suggested definitions?

  4. :D Squeg-a wet, sweaty egg.

    It sort of reminds me of my definition of back sweat AKA Swack! Yuck.